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Cryptoeconomics brings together the fields of economics and computer science to study the decentralized marketplaces and applications that can be built by combining cryptography with economic incentives.

COVID-19 Dashboard

The first modern pandemic will never be forgotten. At this stage it is impossible to measure the suffering of people and for how long it will continue.

This dashboard will tell the story of out City, San Francisco, the first city in the U.S. to impose a Shelter-In-Place order, thanks to Mayor London Breed


Market research is the canvas to understand the potential and implications of blockchain through the lenses of economic theory.

Distributed ledger technology when combined with other industrial advances become an exciting real life case for social studies.

Ultimately, we may be witnessing the development of an entire new branch of economics.


Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrencies have been challenging the very principles of monetary economics. The autonomous nature of Bitcoin, as its supply is pre-programmed and perceived as unchangeable, opened a debate known as "Bitcoin Deflation Problem".

Digital Credit System

This modern financial system is an interesting example of applied cryptoeconomics because it talks about demand-led endogenous money.

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Is bitcoin still a good investment at this point?

What jobs will be made obsolete by AI ?

Bitcoin as a endogenous credit system.

Decentralized applications for non-techies

A Primer on Endogenous Credit-money, U-Ottawa

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