"Challenge or opportunity, for certain, the role and impact of this technology [blockchain] is way too broad to be overlooked."


Understand what blockchain is, how it works, and its applications in business, finance, taxes, and accountancy.

Future of Employment

Know real transformation taking place not only for accountants and auditors, but tax preparers, lawyers, loan officers and other professionals.

Continuing Education

Find your place in fields like, cryptography, dApp development, Cybersecurity, and Smart Contracts.

Subject-matter Expert

Contributions, posts and articles on main social media and Blockchain technology portals. More than 20K views in January 2019

" The Report suggests blockchain as a potential tool for securing America’s digital infrastructure."

U.S. Congress 2018 Economic Report, page 201

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the "techie" world and professionals seeking to transition from traditional office work to the internet 3.0.

This paper is the "wake up call" for all of us, workers and professionals in careers, such as: accounting, law, finance, and even medical doctors and others.

There is a 94% of chance Accounting and Audit positions will be replaced by new technologies.

Carl Frey, Michael Osborne (2013) Oxford University

Find out the Jobs more likely will be replaced by technologies, such as: blockchain, AI, and robotics.

Economist, Chartered Accountant, Blockchain Specialist .

Focused on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and economics.

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Pascual Ariel Arrechea